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System of injection MPI and MPFI The gasoline expense To hi-tech engines Audi electronics too helps a few «to bridle thirst» the engine. At walking speed Audi 8,5 l on 100 km completely can manage. On the other hand, will not make a problem to increase the expense of fuel more than to 12 l by 100 km. Injection In the six-cylinder engine with working volume 2,8 l the system of injection MPI is established. Behind abbreviation MPI reduction of English name Multi Point Injection – multidot injection disappears. (An identification sign of system of injection MPI the measuring instrument of a stream of fresh air in воздухозаборном a hose behind on the right in an impellent compartment is.) System of injection of fuel MPFI of the engine almost identical to it of 2,6 l is named by this abbreviation only for difference which is deciphered as Multi Point Fuel Injection – multidot injection of fuel. (An identification sign: absence of a measuring instrument of a stream of fresh air.) Distinctive sign of these two systems is the way of measurement of quantity (or weights) soaked up air: MPI does it by means термоанемометрического a wire flowmeter of air. In MPFI for these purposes the gauge of pressure of air in an inlet collector (it is built in the block of management and is connected by a hose with an inlet collector), and also the gauge of temperature of soaked up air (in an inlet collector) is used.

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