гуманитарное образование

Longitudinal adjustment for installation of a door crack: slightly ослабьте loop screws Doors/doors so that still could be shifted a door. Close a door and level a crack. Cautiously open a door and tighten screws of hinges. Adjustment on height (contour): ослабьте as it was already told, screws between a loop and a door. Shift a door upwards or downwards. Again tighten screws. Lateral adjustment, door first line (wind noise): it is not regulated – in case of need it is necessary to make intermediate plates of metal and to insert between a door and a loop to put forward a door further outside. Lateral adjustment, back edge of a door (wind noise): It is a little ослабьте a plate into which the door lock enters. Close a door and press it into an aperture according to an external contour. Open a door, tighten a lock plate. Check up in salon, whether the door in regular intervals adjoins to the rubber sealant. Adjustment of a window frame: if the door basis is adjusted correctly now it is checked, whether in a doorway the window frame purely sits. Thus the external sealant of a door not должена to be put out over a roof lath. If it is necessary to adjust, dismantle facing of a door and ослабьте four fixing screws «support of assembly knots of a door». Close a door. Let your assistant will press a frame outside In a doorway – it is better to press it hardly further since the rubber sealant of a door renders противодавление . That уплотнители adjoined densely, simultaneously with it you should wring out a frame upwards and forward. If adjustment correct it is possible to screw up from within both top bolts and back bottom bolts. The inhaling moment: 30 Nanometers. Consider in addition: the adjusting wedge at the bottom bolt ahead should be put always. Before a tightening of a bolt it needs to be shifted upwards so that it has slightly jammed. There is an additional possibility of adjustment of back edge of a door an adjusting wedge: at the expense of deeper latch of a wedge the door bottom edge leaves inside, and top – outside.